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Questions like the twenty-five listed below are answered by trained, local volunteers at the Visitors Center and by the fine Exhibits, Displays, Collages, Schematics and Print and Film media. How many of these questions can you answer? Find out what you already know then make an in-person visit to the Visitors Center to fill-in any blanks.

1. When was the WQH Lighthouse built?

2. How many stripes has the WQH Lighthouse had during its lifetime?

3. Whose name was given to the WQH Lightís lens?

4. Name the Level # of the WQH Lightís lens?

5. What is the signature of the WQH Light?

6. How much electric power (in watts) does the WQH light bulb use?

7. What activates the WQH fog horn?

8. What is in the adjacent brick building, known as the žoil houseÓ when built in 1897?

9. Which magazines have featured the WQH Lighthouse on their covers?

10. Who was the WQH Light Keeper in 1950?

11. Who filmed the short-subject video: Inside the WQH Lighthouse?

12. How many steps are there up to the light?

13. What was the name of the 3-masted Schooner that foundered by WQH Lighthouse on September 22, 1915?

14. What date appears on the open page of the Quoddy Head Lifesaving Station Log Book at the Visitors Center?

15. What does Quoddy Head State Park have in common with Alaska?

16. Where is the Channel Light located? What is its "nickname?" When was it renovated?

17. What was the backbone of the Lubec economy until the 1950ís?

18. What sustains the economy of Lubec today?

19. What underwater-life can be photographed in the Lubec area?

20. Which local-area Artisans' work is for sale in the Visitor Center's gallery?

21. What sea life is harvested in the surrounding waters of Lubec in October?

22. What name is given to the 20-mile coast line, south from Lubec?

23. As a working lighthouse, exactly who is responsible for keeping it operating properly?

24. Who is responsible for the operation and internal maintenance of the WQH Visitors Center?

25. What is the name of the rock in the water (adjacent to the lighthouse), which is the ultimate easternmost point of the continental U.S.A.?


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