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West Quoddy Head Light


Originally built in 1808, by order of President Thomas Jefferson, the original wooden tower was replaced by the current tower which became operational in 1858.  The red and white tower is the only "candy striped" tower in the United States.  The Tower is 49 feet tall, with a 16 foot diameter base.  The center of the lantern stands 83 feet above sea level.  The 1000 watt bulb is filtered through a 5.5 foot tall fresnel lens from France, which along with the 50 step circular iron staircase to the top of the tower was installed in 1857. The light was fully automated in 1988, Maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard today. Previously the lamp was illuminated with sperm whale oil, lard oil and finally kerosene and electricity in 1932.  The light flashes in a pattern 24 hours a day. 2 seconds on, 2 off, 2 on, and 9 seconds off. Although there are brutal storms that rage along this rustic coastline, the lighthouse has withstood them all for over a century and a half.  In 2004 the copper dome was replaced due to hail pocking. 8 red stripes alternate with 7 white stripes on the tower.  The strips are about 25 inches wide each.The visitor's center currently occupies the lightkeeper's house where several generations of lightkeepers lived with their families.  With full automation of the light there is no longer a lightkeeper in residence, although a park ranger often occupies the apartment on the second floor of the house.

Tours of the Tower

Tours to the top of the tower are given at intervals during the summer, typically every Saturday in the months of July and August. And during our Annual Light House Celebration in July. Also the second Saturday in September for Maine Open Lighthouse Day. Check back here for upcoming dates, or call the visitor's center to ask about our summer schedule.

West Quoddy Head Light

Views of the Light


photo by Marty Saccone 


Photo By Marty Saccone 


Photo By Marty Saccone 


Photo By Marty Saccone 


Photo By Marty Saccone 


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